My name is Maria Demartino, Owner of Glamour New York and Boudoir New Jersey. Photography isn't just a career to me.

I eat, sleep and breath what I do. I put every ounce of passion into every clients Glamour and Boudoir Portrait session.

These sessions aren't just yours, They are mine as well. I am equally invested in your shoot with you. Making an amazing and dramatic yet beautiful and sometimes edgy image is part of my craft.

    I know many of my clients tell me how difficult it is for them to get the nerve to come and do a shoot. I would love to share a few facts that may lessen the jitters a bit. First and foremost I am a very down to earth and funny person. I love telling my jokes during my shoots and if you don't laugh at my jokes I'm sure you will laugh at me laughing at myself. This is how I get real laughs out of you while we are shooting instead of those total fake ones we all do in "selfies". I like to think of myself as a part time comedian.  Another thing you should know is that I am EXCELLENT at posing my clients, I would say its one of my strongest points. You need to know absolutely nothing about posing.

Did you know  I was a hair stylist for many years in my early 20's? All of the hair in the images you see in the portfolio was styled by me. I love adding clip in extension to my clients and I stock pretty much every color. I'm also great at styling a shoot. This means putting outfits together to form a "look". If you are having trouble putting your looks together  I can easily help you. I also stock wardrobe add-ons like coats, fake furs, Gloves, hats and costumes.


Lastly you should also know I am highly skilled at Photoshop. My photography usually includes some sort of special effect and retouching of the body and skin to perfection.

I consistently attend photography and Photoshop conferences around the US to bring you the most current style and techniques of photography and retouching.

 My clients have said that the shoots are highly addictive and return year after year for more.

Just select the contact tab above and I can send you some information about how to get started. I look forward to meeting you and making some amazing images with you.

~Maria Demartino


Top New Jersey Photographer 


I shoot with natural light, constant light and also strobes. 

So the looks you see in my portfolio are a good mix of all of that.


Boudoir New Jersey 

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by Maria Demartino